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Whether you served 0 years or 35 years, we share the common thread of being shaped into leaders at one of the toughest leadership laboratories for the military officer. Together, we forge strong connections amongst our members through meetups and events, and together we facilitate meaningful mentor/mentee relationships. “Diversity is a leadership issue.” Charles V. Bush ’63. And “Together” we can continue to break barries, shatter ceilings and soar to new heights.

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WOL’s Primary focus is to increase the pool of qualified minority cadets and to provide counsel to its cadets and graduates. WOL places special emphasis on diversity and ensuring the success of future USAFA cadets, current USAFA cadets, and its graduates.  

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Parents Weekend

Experience the power of unity at our Parents’ Weekend events! Engage in captivating discussions with Air Force Academy leaders, alumni, and parents/families of African-American cadets. This is an opportunity to hear inspiring stories and create connections that will leave a lasting impact.

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Introducing Way Of Life community platform – your ultimate connection to the Black Air Force Alumni community. Our platform enables seamless communication between members. Message other Air Force Alumni directly, foster meaningful relationships, collaborate on projects, share resources, exchange ideas, and engage in vibrant discussions that matter to our esteemed community. Join WOL today and unlock endless opportunities to connect, collaborate, and contribute to a thriving Air Force Alumni network.


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